An Ode to Arkansas

Posted by adrionna on Aug 3, 2016 in Random Ramble

I’m from Chicago, Arkansas
where the skyscraper and the leaves
are sometimes just as tall as I
when it’s time to visit the Southern me.

The Southern “I” is a little bit different
quite softer, but more playful, too.
I yell across the room
and practice my “y’all” when speaking to you.

I’m from Chicago, Arkansas
but you’ve accepted me from the start
with loving arms and warm embraces,
I can almost say, “Now bless her heart.”

Like Momma’s fingers running through my hair
to create waves that curl and flow
Your breeze tells me, O Arkansas,
that there’s more of you to show.

So when others ask why I’m with you, Arkansas,
and they furrow and tilt their right brow
It’s easy for me to respond to them,
“I’m so much better for it now.” – Adrionna Ray

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