Arkansas Adventures, Part I

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 Family Friday

Forget about the fact that the first day of autumn is a couple days away and pretend today, Monday, September 20th, is the Friday of Labor Day weekend – a day where dreams of the possibilities and expectations arise in hope that what this one last summer weekend can offer you really is the topping on the cupcake. I had such dreams (goodness, sounds like I’m 80 and telling the miserable-version story of my life) on that Friday, and they were quickly coming true. You see, I’m in a long distance relationship (and have been for two years). The jam to my jelly lives in Philadelphia because of school, but he was raised in Arkansas. I was trekking my way over to O’Hare Airport to meet him, because his layover from PA to AR was in ORD (Why there’s a ‘D’ in O’Hare’s airport code has always buffled me). We met and giggled like five year olds finding out that our moms will let us play outside while we waited for our flight.

The flight was so fun. First off, I’ve never experienced a shorter flight. My first flight was to Poland, and it was a good 9 hours (count more, though, because we had a 2-3 hour layover in London). My second flight was also to PL and my third was to Costa Rica. The total flight time was about 7 hours (because we had to fly to Atlanta, then transfer to fly the rest of the way). SO – this 1.5 hour flight to Little Rock was so nice. It’s kind of peaceful knowing that, if I ever needed to, I could leave in 10 minutes (4pm) and be there by (5:30). Cody and I couldn’t sleep (as you could imagine – 5 year olds can’t really sleep when on a natural high), so we played individual games of Sudoku and manuevered our bodies to manipulate the direction the plane was headed (Cody swears that when he hugged me to him and brought me towards the window, the plane tipped every time. PS if I wasn’t the skinny minny I am, I would be offended, I’m sure. As luck would have it – the only thing that I can tip is.. no… wind tips me. Damn). We landed shortly and I got to see his beautiful parents – they really are a purty couple.

It’s a 45 minute drive from the airport (WHICH, FRIENDS FROM CHICAGO, HAS ONLY 1 TERMINAL AND.. 12? GATES. I was definitely south of the Mason-Dixon line =D)  to “Wit’s End Manor” so we talked and I got to drink in all the green I don’t see every day (If anyone ever feels the need to drown in steel and bricks, I can definitely provide; my hometowns got it all). After some dinner and dessert, we (Cody and I + Cody’s sister and her boyfriend + Cody’s momma) sat down and played some oldschool UNO (when you don’t have the color or the number, keep drawin’, baby!!)

It really was a great night — Quality time with family, AMAZING food, and three more days left until I had to fly back to Chicago. This really was a great weekend. I’ll write about Saturday, Sunday, and Monday soon! Subscribe to get the updates when they come! To the right of this post is an envelope icon. Click it, type in your e-mail address and you’ll get my posts (but you can always unsubscribe if you so desire – no hard feelings, because I don’t know who’s subscribed in the first place).

Happy Reading!


Don’t Question My Question!

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The Grizzwells


Leave it up to Fate

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I’ve been thinking the last couple of days about what topic to write about to interest my readers. The ones that have subscribed until now are either my best friends or those who have the same type of humor that I do: smart, dumb, random and nerdy. Inspiration has struck. Finally.

I have opened iTunes and will press play, hear one phrase, write it down, and then press “forward,” where iTunes will shuffle and find another random tune. I may skip two songs, rearrange phrases for comic purposes, and add a couple transition words every now and then.

I wonder if this will actually make sense. Enjoy!

Waitin’, watchin’ the clock; it’s four o’clock
Lazy yellow moon comin’ up tonight.
Four wheels tearin’ up a fresh green pasture,
Wind blowin’ on my face,
I got a pocket full of sunshine.
I would have given you all of my heart,
when I dropped to my knees in that field on your daddy’s farm.

Baby, I’ve been drifting away
I don’t know where I’m goin’,
I got my toes in the water.
I could hide ‘neath the wings of the blue bird as she sings.

I came to dance
Where the boys are.
Well I walked in, the band just started
Five p.m. rolls around,
Time goes by so slowly.
He didn’t have to wake up
I’ll never forget the first time that I heard,
“The lady that I know just came from Colombia. We met on the highway.”
It’s strange to hear your voice
I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

I was sittin’ on the doorstep
Phone rings, baby cries, TV, diet, guru, lies, “Good morning hunnie”
You told me, “I want a girl that won’t talk back.”
I close my eyes.
“Baby girl, I’ve been watching you all day.
Lay your head down on my shoulder.”
Just look at us, dust on our hearts.
How am I supposed to breathe without air?
All he could think was, “I’m too young for this.”
Seein’ you sittin’ alone
Honey, why you callin’ me so late?
“Because it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life.”
I will remember you.

I’m enjoying this. I can’t believe this became something. Can’t wait to do this again next time I’m bored hahahah



If an architect did this, he’d be fired.

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I love when things unintentionally fit another ;)

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Hahaha totally not dirty, but this made me smile. I also realized the nerdy, giggly cells in my prettynerd body were really getting a kick out of it, so –

Seize the Day (Chorale) to Bad Romance

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